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WBFC #27 « OnlineBiz and ResourcesHello and welcome to the new OnlineBiz and Resources. This week’s task is Facebook likes. This is a perfect time coz I have to build a new fanpage here.

And since maybe some you just got here for the first time I hope you can share a few minutes to read a few (3 that is) that I have posted. Hope these can help you in some ways.

Start your online marketing biz now.... | the original launch, we released the epically powerful 7 modules. Students watched them. Applied them.

So #2-PLUS is adding 7 consecutive weeks of high level private (and small webinars). Each week, the new round of students will have 60-90 minutes of 8-figure Q & A with me. Lazeron-the-spot coaching. Obviously, we can’t have 2000 people on a webinar like that. It would lose all intimacy. So we have to limit the number of new buyers on this relaunch.

And loved it. Many leaders in the industry have whispered to me, ‘Mark, this is the very best stuff I’ve ever seen.’ And newbies that have never made a penny, are f-i-n-a-l-l-y seeing breakthroughs. (The course can easily contend with any $1997 course Online right now’easily).

I have a very good idea and i am very positive that if I write a good and articulate business plan I should be able to find partners who would join me to create an online business. Well the problem is I want a good coach who is good at marketing or business finance or advertising to help me build my online business from the beginning. I had some business administration class but thing go so fast and I need someone to help me gain more confidence and help me structure my idea so they can be more appreciable.

to find partners from ur business plan, its as simple: 1. write the objective of ur business in question 2. what will be the cost involve ‘ enumerate as possible 3. who will be the target customer, how the Online Biz will make money, how long will the return on investment be for each partners. 4. long term goal or plan of the Online Biz. bec al business peaks comes to an end.. so whats the next step.

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Are You Ready For Some Football In Your Online Biz? | Martha GiffenYou see, I grew up in a ‘sports nuts’ family. Because of this, many of my thoughts around life and how to live it come from a sports slant. Some of the little sayings that were taught to me have stayed with me over the years and believe it or not, come in handy while running my business. Read more on Online Biz

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